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You know?  There's another reason I feel that I was a bit too harsh on the CGI Thomas episode, "The Railcar and the Coaches", by comparing it to the "Arthur" episode, "Arthur's Big Hit", and that's that the former episode did the "two wrongs don't make a right" moral better than the latter episode.  Why?  Well, there are two things about it:

1) Annie and Clarabel simply chose voluntarily to retaliate against Daisy as opposed to Arthur whose patience had been repeatedly tested by D.W.'s constant antagonistic behavior.
2) Daisy not getting in any real trouble for her behavior was never a general show problem, unlike when Arthur got in trouble but D.W. didn't.

And you know what makes the general show problem in "Arthur" even worse?  It's the very fact that this sort of thing actually happens.  I know that I'm echoing PieGuy's opinion on the "iCarly" episode, "iMeet Fred", but the same applies here.  So don't go on using excuses like "that's how it happens in real life" because I reiterate, that's exactly the main problem.

Now, don't take this the wrong way; I'm not trying to censor bad things happening in television or in real life, because you simply can't censor what happens in real life (like most of those "moral guardians" seem to be doing).  Plus, we need conflict to make an interesting story.  It's just that some TV shows seem to condone that bad things happen to good people in real life, thus rubbing it into our faces.
Yeah, you get the picture. :P

One thing I've been considering is to have my version of "Stop, Train, Stop!" be told as a flashback by Thomas to Stanley after the latter had been teased by James.  The "flashback" part of the story would be set some time after Thomas first got his branch line (maybe during RWS #4, Tank Engine Thomas Again).

Another thing I'm considering is to adapt S18's "Thomas and the Emergency Cable" and S21's "Unscheduled Stops".  The former will have some ideas suggested by other S.I.F. users; in particular, Thomas getting another coach the day after Annie gets a "flat tyre" and said coach then (further) convincing Thomas to overrun the platform when he sees the birdwatcher who pulled the cable the other day (which is what caused Annie to get a "flat tyre" in the first place).  Additionally, I would have Thomas's guard (who would be female in my version, just so that there's some female staff on the NWR) be the one who scolds Thomas for overrunning the platform instead of The Fat Controller doing it (because TFC has other places to be as well).  As for the latter episode (which - Spoiler Alert! - sees the return of Bulgy the Double-Decker Bus), I might have to make some additional arrangements (like having to adapt S7's "Bulgy Rides Again" so that it's Duck who Bulgy meets up with instead of Thomas).  I mean, it was a pretty flawless episode (to me, anyway).  I don't know how I could improve it.

Also, as I've mentioned in a status post, I've been considering adapting Season 21's "A Most Singular Engine" to be set before my version of S20's "The Way She Does It", mainly to give some backstory as to how Diesel and Daisy came to have a conflict with one another (as in my version of the latter story, Diesel is the one who attempts to shunt the parcels van behind Daisy).  However, the actual episode from S21 actually mentions the S20 story in question (toward the end when Daisy and Harvey are chatting).  So I'd need help to figure out a way to change this.

Speaking of Diesel, I still feel that I'll need help working on my take on his redemption (as well as the climax of my version of "Day of the Diesels" when said redemption happens).  I mean, I do know I still want him to be "The Dragon" to Diesel 10 in my version of "Magic Railroad" (and any other story that is set between that and DotD).  But I need to make it to feel natural, not forced.  All I know is that I want Diesel and Diesel 10 to make a bargain in my version of DotD; one that Diesel 10 goes back on after he turns the other engines against Percy for essentially letting him and the other diesels destroy the SteamWorks.  However, that leaves the question; what will D10's motive be in this version?  I mean, he can't just want to have a better place to be repaired like in the actual special.  He has to have some sort of revenge against the NWR's engines.

With that said, I do think I need to do a lot of tweaking to at least some of these stories to fit my headcanon.



- I don't draw nudity or overly-sexual themes (such as emphasis on barefoot).
- I don't draw foot/butt crush (at least not when it's intentional).
- I don't draw vore (at least not when it's intentional and the detail of the mouth is emphasized, as I find that to be disgusting).
- I will draw giantess pics, but only gentle giantesses (though if I draw a cruel giantesses, they have to be evil to begin with; I don't draw characters turning evil from their change in height).
- I don't do comic or story requests (mainly because I already have so many comics and stories planned to begin with).
- If you request me to draw a train character (Thomas or otherwise) based on a real-life train (locomotive, rolling stock, etc.), I'll need a picture of his/her real-life counterpart for reference (same goes for road vehicle characters).



- GTS Lois Smith Hugs Eric T. (for GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)
- Katy Adarvez Meets GTS Belle (for GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)
- Kaiju Fighter V vs. Tempest (for GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)
- N. Stan on FNAF in Disney Style (for GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)
- Princess Alana Meets Me and Usagi from "Sailor Moon" (for GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)
- "A Grave Mistake" ("Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi" Episode) Alternate Ending (for cartoonfanboyone)
- Mermaid AmiYumi (for cartoonfanboyone)
- Prince Jamie Meets Arriety and Alice (for Prince-Jamie-The-7th)
- Prince Jamie Consoling Prince Haru (for Prince-Jamie-The-7th)
- Giant Prince Haru Hugs Zoe (for Prince-Jamie-The-7th)
- Torige in Huge Skirt (for broku5000)
- Miss Red Velvet (BubbleLover64's OC) as Jessica Rabbit (for a personal friend)
- Princess Sally Acorn and Bunnie Rabbot (for a personal friend)
- Giant Teen Dipper with Adult Wendy (who is normal-sized) at the Beach (for Fyrekobra)
- Teen Dipper, Mabel and Candy (for Fyrekobra)
- Giantess Leni Loud in Ballgown Posing (for Fyrekobra)
- Concept Art of Unnamed Police Woman from "Atomic Puppet" (for Djjacob1954)

Point Commissions:

- GTS Cutie Chaser and Vanellope (for Ilovefallingcows25)

Arts of Mine:

- Cast of Characters 1 Redraw
- Cast of Characters 2
- MSR (Mid-Sodor Railway) No. 1, 3 and 4 (with smokebox doors instead of faces)
- Redo of NWR No. 6 Pic (as well as other NWR engines without faces to look like real engines)
- Giantess Blossom as Belle (though what to do with her, I'm not sure)
- Stafford Pulling Troublesome Trucks
- Diesel and Stafford Shunting
- Philip the Runaway
- A few "Guess This Scene" Thomas pics (showing both official stories and my own stories and rewrites, and possibly other fan-made Thomas/RWS stories)
- Julia Meets Toby the Tram Engine
- Mike Idling at a Station
- Genie Concept Art
- Jafar (Human Form) Concept Art
  * Jafar (Genie Form) Concept Art
- Maggie Summons Jafar (just a random idea that popped into my head)
- Maggie's "Vajra" Transformation
- Characters Reacting to Maggie's "Vajra" Transformation

TTTE Concept Arts (Note that this is mainly based on my own timeline which only uses elements from others'):

- SKR No. 5 - Rusty
- SKR No. 6 - Duncan
- NWR No. 9 - Donald
- NWR No. 10 - Douglas
- NWR D1 - Daisy
- SCC No. 1 and 2 - Bill and Ben
- NWR D2 - BoCo
- NWR D3 - Bear
- NWR No. 11 - Oliver
- NWR No. 12 - Emily (Based on RailfanBronyMedia's interpretation of the character)
- NWR D4 - Patrick (wildnorwester's OC)
- NWR No. 13 - Zane (GTPS2Studios's OC)
- NWR D5 - Bastion (GTPS2Studios's OC)
- NWR No. 14 - Sheffield (wildnorwester's OC based on Sixteen the Steelworks Engine)
- SKR No. 7 - Ivo Hugh
- SKR No. 8 (formerly MSR No. 1) - Duke (with an explanation as to why he's No. 8 despite arriving before Ivo Hugh was built)
- NWR D6 - Evan (wildnorwester's OC)
- NWR D7 - Edwin (wildnorwester's OC)
- NWR No. 15 - Stanley
- NWR No. 16 - Lady (Based on WarshipNo10's Version)
- NWR No. 17 - Arthur
- NWR No. 18 (formerly GWR No. 6171) - Eric (GTPS2Studios's Trainsona)
- NWR No. 19 - Rosie
- NWR HST1 and HST2 - Pip and Emma
- NWR Rolling Stock - S.C.Ruffey
- NWR Rolling Stock - Hector
- NWR Rolling Stock - Brian (wildnorwester's OC)
- GWR No. 3440 - City of Truro
- LBSCR No. 55 - Stepney
- LBSCR No. 82 - Boxhill
- LNER No. 4468 - Mallard
- LNER No. 4472 - Flying Scotsman
- KESR No. 14 - Charwelton (Charlie)

TTTE Faces:

- Lady
- Diesel 10 (using two face bases; one with wrinkles and one without)
- Splatter and Dodge
- 'arry and Bert
- D199
- Bear
- Wilbert
- Sheffield/Sixteen
- City of Truro (based on the face he had in the magazine stories)
- Flying Scotsman (modified from Gordon's faces)
- Stepney
- Arthur/Clarence
- Murdoch
- Spencer (also of use for Mallard)
- The Spiteful Brake Van
- Toad
- Terence
- Bertie
- Bulgy
- Algy
- Skarloey (W.I.P.)
- Rheneas (W.I.P.)
- Sir Handel/Falcon (W.I.P.)
- Peter Sam/Stuart
- Rusty
- Duncan
- Ivo Hugh
- Duke
- Frederick (Fearless Freddie)
- Bert (Miniature)
- Mike
- Rex
- Jock
- Frank
- Blister Twins
- Sigrid of Arlesdale

NOTE: The Miniature engines' faces will be based on the model-style ones that Chris Sig had done for wildnorwester's Trainz models (and WarshipNo10's model of Sigrid).


- Eric the 61xx Origins Illustrations (with GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)

Gifts for People:

- Eric the 61xx in his Mainland Years (for GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)
  * Eric Pulling a BR(W) Passenger Train
- Catalina Johnson Concept Art (for GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)
  * Kaiju Fighter C Concept Art (for GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)
- Danielle Adarvez Concept Art (for GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)
  * Young Danielle Adarvez Concept Art (for GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)
- Jane Adarvez Concept Art (for GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)
  * Young Jane Adarvez Concept Art (for GTPS2Studios/GTPS2-GTS)
- Arthur T. Kissing GTS Mimete's Shoe (for ArthurT2015)
- Ballgown Blossom Concept Art (for NFC2005)
- Ballgown Bubbles Concept Art (for NFC2005)
- Ballgown Buttercup Concept Art (for NFC2005)
- Ballgown Janice (HHPAY) Concept Art (for NFC2005)
  * Super GTS Janice Concept Art (for NFC2005)
- Version 2 of Thicky Carson's Concept Art (for Someboy101)
- Plastika Concept Art (for TRC-Tooniversity)
- Sylli Concept Art (for TRC-Tooniversity)
- The Crimson Titaness Concept Art (for TRC-Tooniversity)
- The Crimson Titaness and the PPGs (for TRC-Tooniversity)
- Princess Saphir Concept Art (for impact358)
- Jacob Concept Art (for Phantom509)
- Jacob the God Concept Art (for Phantom509)


- Miss Blue Leader's Giant Discovery (W.I.P.)
- Redo of "Queen Kerry Hugging Me"

Stories (in no particular order):

- Diesel and Stafford (Loosely Based on the CGI Thomas Episode, "Welcome Stafford") (W.I.P.)
- The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead (Based on the CGI Thomas Episode of the Same Name) (W.I.P.)
- Philip to the Rescue (" ")
- Bradford the Brake Van (" ") (W.I.P. with help from sodormatchmaker)
- The Railcar and the Coaches (" ") (W.I.P.)
- Steam Engine Stafford (Based on the CGI Thomas Episode, "Steamie Stafford") (W.I.P. with help from sodormatchmaker)
- Goodbye, Stafford (Original Thomas Story; will need help with plot, though)
- Henry Meets Raymond (Working Title for Original TTTE Story)
- Logan's Mix-Up (Loosely Based on the Merchandise-Only Thomas Story, "Logan and the Big Blue Engines")
- Stop, Train, Stop! (Expanded Adaptation of the Beginner Book of the Same Name)
- Hector the Horrid (Based on the HiT Model Era Thomas Episode of the Same Name as well as another Adaptation of it)
- Thomas and the Storyteller (Loosely Based on the HiT Model Era Thomas Episode of the Same Name)


United States



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